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Do you ever experience moments when, for no apparent reason, you start craving rather peculiar foods?  Instances where a wee voice peaks out of your subconscious and whispers “psst… I’m hungry…”, when your attempts at ignoring it are futile and the hunger evolves into an overpowering of conscious thought, and the voice, no longer at a whisper says, “I asked you nicely the first time”.  You know the cravings I’m talking about.   

What’s different about these cravings, from let’s say a regular sugar fix, is that the hunger will be for a food that I wouldn’t normally eat.  I’ll yearn for pancakes loaded with butter and syrup, which I eat about once a year (during Stampede) and don’t even like.  Or I’ll suddenly long for the peanut butter and Cheese Whiz on toast that I ate when I was a kid (don’t knock it, it’s good).  Or, for example, the other night when I was walking home from the bus, my mind was focused on a Denver sandwich.

When I got in the door I immediately set to putting the sandwich together.  No time to waste.  I had a bag of asparagus ends in the fridge that were left over from something, so I peeled, diced and fried them with the onion and red pepper.  Then I added an egg  and cream, lightly beaten and seasoned it with salt and pepper.  When the egg was done I flipped it onto the toast, draped it with a big slice of Swiss cheese and a piece of black forest ham. 

It was so yummy.  And it must have satisfied my Denver desires, because the little voice retreated into the darkness.  But, I’m sure we’ll meet again.

Tag I’m It

Tag I’m It

I’ve been tagged by the lovely Ana of Pumpkin Pie Bungalow for the cookbook meme.  Yeah!  This will be fun to fill out.   Here we go.

1.  Total number of (cook/food) books I’ve owned:
I’ve got about 35 at the moment, but that number seems to grow with a frightening frequency.  I don’t know if it counts or not, but I also have a lot of magazine’s including Bon Appetite, Gourmet, Saveur, Cuisine at Home and Fine Cooking, Olive, Delicious and Chile Pepper.

2.  Last (cook/food) book(s) I bought:
The last two cookbooks added to my collection were given to me for by birthday.  I got Baking Illustrated and Wings Across America.  I’ve been able to use Baking Illustrated a couple of times and I’ve been really happy with the results!

3.  Last (cook/food) book I read:
The last book I read was On Food and Cooking: The Science and Lore of the Kitchen.   It was an intriguing read and I learned a plethora of interesting food facts.  It’s really only for food fanatics though, extreme food fanatics.  

4.  Five (cook) books that mean a lot to me:
a)  My Goose is Cooked – this great book is full of family recipes and the charming stories of the people behind them.  Everything that I’ve made from it has the distinct taste of home cooking from the heart.  Even when I make something new, it tastes and feels like a childhood comfort food.  Jason bought a signed copy of the book last Christmas for us, and he’s really not a kitchen type person, so this was a rare event.
b)  The Professional Chef – This book is my cooking school.  I refer to it for techniques and for basic recipes.  It also has a number of recipes for spice mixes and sauces that I use frequently.  I can’t imagine cooking without it. 
c)  Baking Illustrated – Although I’ve only had this book for a short time I love it.  I love that the test kitchen explains the processes and results of their trials.  It truly allows you to learn from someone else’s mistakes.    
d)  Dessert by Pierre Herme – I love this book for it’s unique desserts.  The instructions are easy to follow, making even the most complex recipes achievable, although still time consuming.  The lemon curd is heavenly (I still have to post about it).
e)  I know it’s not a book, but I have to give one spot to my Cuisine at Home Magazine Subscription.  I’m sure I cook with them at least once a week.  Each one is packed with great recipes, incredibly easy to follow instructions, kitchen tips, appliance reviews and an “All About” section that highlights a specific food and tells just about all you’d ever need to know.  What I like about the issues is that they don’t rely a lot on hard to find ingredients, so you can usually whip something up.

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