Until Next Time

Do you ever experience moments when, for no apparent reason, you start craving rather peculiar foods?  Instances where a wee voice peaks out of your subconscious and whispers “psst… I’m hungry…”, when your attempts at ignoring it are futile and the hunger evolves into an overpowering of conscious thought, and the voice, no longer at a whisper says, “I asked you nicely the first time”.  You know the cravings I’m talking about.   

What’s different about these cravings, from let’s say a regular sugar fix, is that the hunger will be for a food that I wouldn’t normally eat.  I’ll yearn for pancakes loaded with butter and syrup, which I eat about once a year (during Stampede) and don’t even like.  Or I’ll suddenly long for the peanut butter and Cheese Whiz on toast that I ate when I was a kid (don’t knock it, it’s good).  Or, for example, the other night when I was walking home from the bus, my mind was focused on a Denver sandwich.

When I got in the door I immediately set to putting the sandwich together.  No time to waste.  I had a bag of asparagus ends in the fridge that were left over from something, so I peeled, diced and fried them with the onion and red pepper.  Then I added an egg  and cream, lightly beaten and seasoned it with salt and pepper.  When the egg was done I flipped it onto the toast, draped it with a big slice of Swiss cheese and a piece of black forest ham. 

It was so yummy.  And it must have satisfied my Denver desires, because the little voice retreated into the darkness.  But, I’m sure we’ll meet again.