Pancakes anyone?

It’s freaking cold out, Jason’s gone off to somewhere much nicer and most possibly warmer and I have a full-on case of the winter blah’s. 

I don’t feel like leaving the house, going to the store, shoveling the walk one more time or waking up in the dismal darkness.  Isn’t there a name for this kind of thing, seasonal attitude dysfunction or something?  Yuck.  It also means that I’m forcing myself to survive off the givings of my freezer and that’s been a bit of a hit and miss.  The pantry is also getting bare, at least by my standards.  

Scraping the bottom, for tonight’s menu a package of ground pork, 1/2 an onion and a jar of kimchi.  And you think this is going downhill don’t you?  Not so.  Not so at all.  I adapted this recipe from Saveur, added a few pinches of salt, pepper, a couple of cloves of minced garlic and about 1 tbsp of paprika and voila!  I didn’t have any rice flour (see above for reference to bare pantry), so I used AP flour and reduced the water by a bit.     

In school we made a similar kind of Japanese green cabbage pancake topped with a squirt of mayo, a drizzle of okonomiyaki sauce and mountain of bonito flakes.  Taking the lead from that dish I served these crispy fried kimchi patties up Japanese street vendor style with a mayo and oyster sauce. 

Any ideas for buttermilk, oranges and tomato sauce?  Maybe it’s time to find that grocery delivery pamphlet.